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January 22, 2007 Rubric 1

The part of my conversation with nice and cute Japanese girl Nanae. :-)

Why are you suprise? Thank you for your great compliment of my
animation. You are my inspiration and Haruki Murakami is very popular
writer on the world. He was in Czech Rep last year for "Kafka's (カフカ
の) prize". But I read (I must correct your english here - read is same
word in all times, not red. Red you just say, now write. Sorry)
it in Czech of course. Now I have そうせきなつめのさんしろう。 I hope
that you can read it after me. have I to write it all togethere or can I
write it separately (そうせき なつめ の さんしろう) ? Yes, you are right
its very difficult for me to read in hiragana (katakana) but it is good
for practising. But I can't translate it because わたしはにほんごがへた
です。 Uff, long sentence!!!! :-) 
Today a bought sushi kit (made in Australia). It's special box with
sushi rice, nori, wasabi, powered sushi mix, soy Sauce, bamboo sushi mat
and instructions how prepare sushi  :-) 
I hope that you find the best job for you in Japan. And if not you can
try it here, in Europe.
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